We are proud to announce two new additions to our baby range!

Both products are made with CERTIFIED organic* ingredients, is biodegradable, products and ingredients are not tested on animals, and is suitable for babies with sensitive skin
Natural Aqueous Cream: An eco friendly cream that is suitable for the whole family- especially babies!

oh lief 03The first product of its kind in South Africa, we have formulated an aqueous Cream for new born babies that contains no petroleum jellies, paraffin or mineral oils, rather beeswax, natural clay, olive, sesame and coconut oil! It can be used as a wash off cream for new born babies and later on as a lotion.

The water based cream is fragrance free therefore it is ideal for dry, sensitive, itchy and problematic skin, such as eczema.


oh lief 04The second product is Natural Olive Baby Wash and Shampoo:  A beautiful Olive Oil based shampoo and wash that is environmental and skin friendly. Perfect for all babies!
This gentle organic shampoo and wash is formulated with Olive Oil, Natural Clay and a Light scent of Roman Chamomile, which has anti-allergenic and relaxant properties.  The 2- in -1 wash is ideal for babies and toddlers suffering from eczema, cradle cap and any skin conditions.

Coming soon to Weleda Pharmacy


Earthshine’s award winning range of kale chips, crackers, cacao florentines, muesli and more are available at Weleda Pharmacies soon


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Winalite Sanitary Napkin

AnionAnion in air is like vitamin in food, greatly benefits people's health and everyday routine, therefore, it is also being referred to as vitamin in air, which can facilitate body growth and disease prevention, the benefits are different to different organs:


  • To respiratory system: improves lung function. 30 minutes after anion intake, the lung is able to inhale 20% more oxygen and exhale 14.5% more carbon dioxide.
  • To cardiovascular system: significantly reduces blood pressure, improves cardiac muscle function and nutrition, facilitates the dilation of capillary vessel and the rise of skin temperature.
  • To nerve system: energizes whole body, improves sleep quality, eases pain and tension.
  • To metabolism: activates different enzymes in body, reduces blood sugar level, cholesterol, increases blood calcium, urine amount, increases the amount of nitrogen and creatinine in urine, accelerates bone growth, prevents scurvy, rachitis, vitamin insufficiency.
  • To blood: increases the number of white and red blood cell, hemoglobin, reticulocyte, blood platelet, globin, heightens PH reading, shortens blood forming time.
  • To immune system: improves reflex system and endothelial system, enhances body's anti-disease ability.


sure touch

Sure Touch and Weleda Pharmacy are introducing a new way for Womens Health and Breast Examinations.

A Suretouch Consultant will be at the centre to conduct examinations.

The price is R385 and booking is essential on 011 463 3604

Menopause Problems?